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The number 3 speaks to the trinity of life, nature, scales of balance, law, spirituality, the land, the sea, the air, and social structures

This is my third album and latest manifestation of my thoughts and emotions during the years between my last album "Change" and today

All music and lyrics written, performed, recorded, and produced

by JR Guerra





Had Enough


I’ve had enough
I’m leaving this place
It’s been fun
but it’s time for a change
I’m leaving the City
On a trail heading west
Joined a cause
to deliver the facts
I turned around
Sinking ship full of rats
Oh people and problems
Oh they’re one in the same
Took some time
to figure it out
Best to move
Get out of the way
I’m leaving the City
on a trail heading west

Human Harvest

Look into the past
peel away the film
view it from above
view it from below
understand the game
people never learn
people never change
Pharaoh watches on
building pyramid
they enslave themselves
dry up in their shells
never look around
always trying to fit
people never learn
people never change
Human garden
For democracy
be all you can be
just forget the past
nice guys finish last
in god we must trust
but not in ourselves
living on their knees
that is all they know
Human garden
Human harvest

Enjoy the Decline

It’s funny how the facts don’t count
consequences effects pushed back
time is short don’t waste it now
it’s not your fault they don’t give a damn at all
there’s no way around
so just get out of the way
and let them go the way of the fool
it’s not worth your time
the place you knew once is gone and never coming back
go on your way
there’s too many of them around
their selfishness exceeds their greed
colleges brainwashing minds
fooling the privileged into feeling oppressed
social justice warriors
blindly crusading until nothing is left at all
there’s too many wolves around
sanity gone now there’s too many sheep
equality at your expense
it’s never enough but there’s plenty of them always
somewhere there’s an empty cell
and a gun with your name
if you do not submit to them



Here on a sphere spinning round
round and round around a star
never think beyond their eyes
never think beyond the skies
their imaginary lines
their imaginary lives
you better do what you need to
do to make all this worth it
cause the world will keep turnin’
turnin’ with or without you




Everything was so right
felt good without a doubt
then it came crashing down
a cruel and twisted mind
had reared it’s ugly head
another lesson learned
well we’re still here
hard to believe
you’d think by now
we’d take a hint
they’re never satisfied
all they can do is take
take what they can’t create
getting back on my feet
i focus on what counts
i see the way ahead



Well you’re makin’ it hard, hard to keep tryin’
you just wastin’ my time, and time is a flyin’  
yeah it’s all about you, you know i ain’t lyin’
they got what they wanted, but that just ain’t enough
you better mind yourself, or you’ll be on the run
well the pressure’s on, there’s not much you can do
make an honest mistake, they’ll call the guns on you
and then they ask themselves, why is chivalry dead?
they better look around, and see what they have spread
pass and go, it’s sad what they’ve become
and even sadder still, they’re poisoning the young
big daddy in their corner, the guns are pointed at you
big daddy’s a comin’, he’s comin’ straight for you
no i think i’ll pass, the game is just too rigged
no the odds are no good, the girls hold all the cards
better be by myself, than mixed up with a kook
oh times are a changin’, it says so in the book
big daddy in their corner, the guns are pointed at you
bid daddy’s a comin’, he’s comin’ straight for you




Seems everywhere i’ve been and lived
most people do the same old things
they always trade their five for two
while being nothing more than tools
from above
they live
we sleep
we dream
we die
true understanding was so rare
so much exclusion everywhere
the leftist paper victims marched
their false crusade a blatant farse
from above
they live
we sleep
we dream
we die
we dream
we die

Follow Your Bliss

Fell into this life
had no say had no voice
was always about them
just a kid nothing else no one cared
took years to see
time has come and gone
I am not the same
left them all behind me
i went my own way way back then
now i see it was worth it in the end
there was a time
when i couldn’t see
they were everywhere
and all around me
they never gave a damn
or cared about me
i suffered those fools
for far much too long
and then it became clear to me
follow your bliss
time is on your side
i was looked down upon
for not looking the same
and i was singled out
for not thinking the same
still they pretend
pretend it was they
who built what they were given
but the truth never changed
was made without honor
no regard for their name
now the children must pay
bear the cross and their shame
and then it became clear to me
follow your bliss
time is on your side